A Quick A-z On Factors In Night Cream

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The Lancer Legacy Youth Treatment, which took about two years to develop, and is packed with the brand's proprietary complexes filled with skin-firming and plumping ingredients, including ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and macro-algae, to keep the skin barrier intact. "It's not only the number of active ingredients and the way they're put together, but it's the amount of active ingredients per product," says see this here Lancer, explaining the notion behind the Lancer Legacy Youth Treatment sky-rocketing retail price. "So, for example, let's take something basic like a vitamin C, retinol, or the majority of over-the-counter products. There may be a thousandth of one percent of an active ingredient in that product, yet on the label, it's listed as retinol. Here, the percentage of true active ingredients is extraordinary high in each of the actives, more complex chemistry putting them together, and making them all work explains its cost." But before you schlep over your savings for a moisturizer we could totally see Kim Kardashian adding to her own rather complicated regimen , Lancer warns this treatment isn't for everyone and is "not meant to be bought off the shelf." According to the derm, the idea behind the Lancer Legacy Youth Treatment is that it was formulated to be a last step in the already popular Lancer Method. "You'd use the Polish, rinse, cleanse, rinse, use [Advanced C Radiance Treatment], and then follow it ครีมหน้าใส psc up with Legacy," says Lancer. So in order to get everything out of the $1K cream — which, let's be honest here, if you're already paying for the high price, you might as well do it right — you'll also need to fork over a few extra hundred bucks on the rest of the Lancer Method products. When used in as a treatment system, Lancer says users will see immediate results — bouncy, plumped-up skin — in just one or two nights. Unfortunately, I didn't have this bit of information before I began testing out the Lancer Legacy Youth Treatment ครีมหน้าขาวราคาถูกมีอย and proceeded to slather on the rich, buttery cream onto my face every night as the last step in my skin-care routine. Call it a placebo effect or chalk it up to the cream's potent active ingredients, but after seven days of evening use, I found my previously flakey nose and botchy, red cheeks otherwise tamed and my skin baby smooth. I'm not about to recommend stocking up on something that teeters the line of a month's worth of rent, but I can definitely see why others with a highly expendable income would do so.

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